Our Mission

Unitracker is committed to finding solutions to common problems pertaining to remote management of vehicles and equipment as well as to driver safety and management. Through our products and solutions, business operators can better manage their staff and resources.

Our Vision

To become a leading European technology and hardware solutions provider that solves problems facing transporters and fleet managers in aspects ranging from staff and driver management to better data collection and analysis

The Birth of Unitracker


Having worked in the tracking industry for over 2 decades, few know this industry better than Nasar Aftab. Although he mainly served the retail sector, he spotted an opportunity to enter the B2B market. Over the past several years, he had noticed a clear disconnect between the fleet business’ demands and the solutions that service providers were offering. Even though the service providers had the technical knowledge, they lacked the ground experience to fully understand what the businesses needed.

Through his vast experience in the industry, Nasar was uniquely prepared to craft the solutions that the businesses actually needed. He understood the technical aspects of the tracking industry as well as the needs of the businesses seeking fleet management solutions. Thus began years-long planning and deliberation with his closest friend, Fernando Pérez Rodríguez. A decision was reached and Unitracker was born.

With an aim to provide comprehensive and complete solutions to fleet businesses, Nasar sifted through the market to find the right products. Using these products, vehicle specific packages were set up in multiple tiers to provide solutions to fleets of all natures and sizes.

But hardware solutions could only go so far. With an eye on the future, Nasar delved into the software market to integrate technology with top quality products. On top of fleet management, Unitracker is building its’ own Workflow solution that tackles the complexity of workforce management. It was originally being built to specifically help fleet management businesses. However, it was later turned into a bigger project encompassing a number of sectors and industries. To this end, API integration is embedded to allow for seamless integration with popular platforms like Sage and QuickBooks. Rather than make it a rigid and platform, we have embedded API functionalities so as to allow customers to fully personalize it to their needs.

Whether it is camera solutions, vehicle trackers or workflow solutions, Unitracker offers unrivalled customization to its’ customers. It gives them the option to create their own packages based on their budgets and needs.

With intelligent telematics solutions, Unitracker is uniquely positioned to offer complete solutions to retailer customers and businesses of all sizes.

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