iButton Driver ID

Unitracker’s 1-wire iButton Key comes with a 1-wire system to work as a Driver ID and a private/business mileage switch. It works as an electronic ID to help fleet managers ensure that a particular driver can only use a certain vehicle. Working in conjunction with an active buzzer, it alerts the drivers when they start a vehicle without their tags. Each system when purchased and installed as a package, comes with two Dallas keys. One of the keys works as a driver ID while the other one serves as a switch between private and business mileage.

1-wire iButton Driver ID

iButton is a perfect device for the following applications:


  • iButton is can help driver authorizations to ensure that only authorized drivers drive certain vehicles.
  • It can work as a switch between business and private mileage so each of them is recorded separately.
  • For immobilisation, iButton can ensure that the engine does not start in the absence of the iButton authorization.
  • With an iButton, you can receive alerts whenever a vehicle exits geofence without iButton authorization.