Squarell Flex CANbus Interface

Unitracker’s UIX is one of the leading products for interfacing vehicle data to the telematics system. UIX reads valuable data from a range of vehicles such as LCVs, buses, coaches, cars, trucks, and even industrial machines. UIX uses its’ own algorithm to process the collected data and sends it to advanced telematics applications to enable vehicle monitoring in real-time and empower measurement and control systems.

Squarell Flex

Adding Value to your Telematics

Through the vast configuration settings along with numerous connection options and ability to customise functionalities that UIX offers, it adds value to the telematics systems you employ in your daily operations. UIX does not only process data from the fleet management system (FMS) but also takes in additional parameters from a number of other network bus sources.

UIX Offers you the option to upgrade your telematics solutions without making wholesale changes in your current system.


Easy Installation and Advanced Connectivity

The FMS interface of the UIX processes input information from a variety of sources including CAN bus, K-Line, proprietary networks, and SAE J1708. The UIX puts out universal data in CAN (FMS/J1939) as well as though RS-232 (ASCII) standards, which makes it an ideal and universal interfacing partner for your telematics systems and the modems you use.


Download Tacho Data Remotely via Extension

Unitracker’s UIX can read tacho data through K-Line and processes unaltered signals to the CAN message, which lets you download tacho information without physically visiting the vehicle.


Do More with Special Function Devices for UIX

UIX can be made to deliver even more when connected with Special Function Devices (SFDs). UIX comes with two Plug & Play SFD ports for linking up extra modules.


Private Data Reading via CANcliQ and DatacliQ

As a default setting, UIX uses CANcliQ module to read the CANbus data. CANcliQ is a patented device used for extracting data that reads signals without requiring a wire-to-wire connection. DatacliQ works just like CANcliQ and reads bus protocols for ISO 11992 signals, K-line, and SAE J1708.



  • One device for the entire fleet
  • 1080p available on a maximum of 4 cameras
  • Extendable functions through SFDs
  • More reliable and durable than FMS interface
  • Additional Vehicle Parameters