Unitracker GPS Asset Tracking System lets you secure your business and its’ assets by offering you a system to monitor and manage your business equipment and assets in real-time from remote locations regardless of how far away you are from them. Unitracker’s tracking devices are wired to your assets and equipment that track their location and status remotely.

The range of equipment and assets that Unitracker devices can be fitted to are virtually limitless in their scope from plant equipment to freight to tractors and even to trailers. Our solutions help businesses secure their valuable assets and equipment so they can have the peace of mind to focus on the important bits.

Main Benefits

  • Stay informed about the location of your assets and equipment
  • Access to historical location data
  • Option to receive alerts when an asset exits a geofence
  • Keep tabs on odometer and engine running hours
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Unitracker solutions are all about automating tiring tasks that take a toll on your employees. For a number of logging tasks that take dozens of labour hours, Unitracker’s solutions automatically record them and present them to you via interactive charts giving you crucial insights. Unitracker products and solutions are meant to automate a number of tasks that take dozens of man-hours to accomplish as a means of saving your business costs.


Unitracker offers one-time packages to businesses that are not looking for a long-term contract. It lets businesses test the waters and ensure that Unitracker solutions are conducive to their business goals. Unitracker works with you to fully familiarize your managers with our web portal so they can get the most out of our workflow solutions. Our workflow solutions offer you insights and detailed reports into driving times, distances travelled, fuel consumption, on-site time duration and much more.


For businesses that are unwilling to sign into a long-term contract for one reason or another, we have one-time packages available to let such businesses get a taste of our services. We believe that after trying out our solutions, most businesses will agree to a long-term contract due to the benefit of our solutions to their operations. When businesses show the willingness to trust us by purchasing our solutions or trying them out for a while, we aim to vindicate their faith in us by going an extra mile in trying to satisfy them.

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