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At Unitracker, we are always looking to build new and more advanced technology to make it easier for fleet managers to monitor their assets, reduce operational expenses and identify areas where efficiency can be improved.

We developed our vehicle trackers to ensure that you can carry out the same tasks with greater accuracy and lesser costs. Our trackers do not only automate the most time-consuming parts of your business but also provide crucial insights into your drivers’ behaviour and free up your staff’s time so they can focus on more important tasks.

The insights that our trackers provide as well as the operations they automate to promote accuracy and free up your staff time help you run a more efficient business and control costs in some of the areas that cost your business a lot of money.

As industry professionals with decades of experience, we understand how frustrating and time consuming it is to sift through pages and pages with tracking info and vehicle issues on a daily basis. To help ease the burden that fleet managers managing thousands of vehicles and businesses with a few cars face every day, we offer an intelligent vehicle tracking system that streamlines the entire vehicle management processes.


What makes Unitracker systems so better than others?


It is only natural to ask why should you choose Unitracker products? Unitracker devices and solutions give you a comprehensive insight and reports on segments of your business you would like to have more control over. Whether it is your staff or the vehicles that your business manages, Unitracker offers solutions that give you greater control and oversight over them.

Where other car tracking systems require hours of training and still make it complicated for fleet managers to effectively use the system, Unitracker does the hard work at the backend so you have only pertinent information and easy management on your end.

  • Unitracker offers automated systems so you only see the relevant information while we do the hard work
  • Finally, this makes your entire business more efficient and saves you substantial amounts of money going forward


Lower your costs with a GPS tracker


Like other business owners, you are always on the lookout to find ways to make your business more efficient to cut costs and set up a foundation for your business to ensure a stable future for your organization.

Vehicle tracking is not just about knowing where your vehicles are. They help you keep tabs on your business’ fuel costs and manage efficiency to help you increase your bottom line. Through Unitracker, you can stay updated on the following in real-time:

  • Whenever one of the drivers goes over the speed limit
  • Which of over driver is harsh-breaking
  • When your drivers are using a longer and less efficient route

Unitracker solutions help you increase the quality of your services, lower fuel costs, and improve efficiencies. With one of the best available GPS tracking systems in the UK, you can receive telematics data from your vehicle. Unitracker tracking system installed in your office then interprets this data so you can view crucial data insights through charts, graphs, and pertinent numbers.


Save Man-Hours with Unitracker


Unitracker does not only lower your operational costs by cutting unnecessary costs from your business operations but also helps you provide better services to your clients thus retaining them. Through charts, graphs, and crucial insights, you can save time you spend micro-managing your business. Not only that, it gives your business crucial data that helps you deliver cater your services according to your customers’ need.

The benefits of Unitracker are not limited to fleet managers, they transcend down to your drivers. Research has shown that once drivers know they are being monitored, they tend to exhibit the best driving behaviour, which reduces the chances of them getting into accidents and becoming a liability to your business’ finances and reputation.

In a number of businesses we serve, drive productivity has risen by over 25%, which has helped those businesses be ready to take on more jobs.

This makes your business more efficient, delivers more quality to your customers, increases your profits, and reduces the various liabilities that could harm your business.


Recovering Stolen Assets


Through Unitracker, recovering a stolen asset is easier than on other platforms. We streamline the recovery process through state-of-the-art technology in the form of GPS trackers. With Unitracker products and solutions, you can reduce the insurance premiums you have to pay and increase a feeling of mutual trust amongst your employees. This harmony in the workforce motivates everyone to perform to their best levels.

Whether your business has had to deal with poor security in the years past or you are concerned about the rising rates of asset thefts, Unitracker has solutions available that can deliver your business security solutions. With round the clock GPS tracking, you can know where your vehicle is at all hours, which gives you peace of mind that your business assets are safe and protected, which can decrease your insurance premiums.


Vehicle Tracking FAQs


Fleet management is about a whole range of operations. From getting insights and getting graphics data to monitoring real-time locations of your vehicles, Unitracker solutions can provide you with everything you need to run an efficient business.

We listen to our customers to gather feedback about our services to identify areas where we could improve the quality of our services and even introduce new ones to help our customers face new challenges in the market. Out of the number of questions we receive on a daily basis, we have compiled a list of most asked questions so that you can easily find the answers you seek. If the questions you have aren’t listed below, get in touch with us and we will respond soon with the information you seek.


What is car tracking?


Car tracking is a multi-industry that pertains to recording, transmitting and analysing driver and vehicle data in real-time. Car tracking is carried out through devices known as tracking devices for vehicles that employ GPS technology to transmit car’s real-time location in real-time, its’ speed, how much time is spent at a particular location, and whether you need to update the car’s MOT.


Why should businesses track their staff’s cars?


In most cases where managers and business owners track their staff’s cars, the car doesn’t actually belong to the employees. It could be that the employer has leased the car, owns it, and lets his or her employees use it for job-related tasks only. On top of providing the employees with means to travel, it gives employees an incentive to stay with the company.

Despite that, the company maintains its’ ownership of the employee cars.

  • As the company owns the vehicle, how you use the car affects the future value of the car and thus affects the financial statement of the company.
  • If an employee uses cars too much for his or her private trips, the car value might drop due to excessive usage thus making the car worthless to the company.
  • The over usage of a car might mean that the car requires more maintenance.
  • Rash driving might lead to getting into accidents, which cannot only harm your employee but also reduce the value of the company car.

For this reason, tracking the company car and receiving alerts in case of speeding and rash driving will warn the company about any prospective damage potentially ahead of time.


How much does car tracking cost?


In most cases, we ask that our potential customers try our services in the free trial mode. We have enough faith in our solutions that we believe that once you have used our free demos, you would roll onto the paid version. Through the effective use of our solutions and products, you can:

  • Ensure that your company cars hold their value
  • See whether your employees are using the company cars for authorized purposes only
  • Make sure your drivers are driving safely
  • Lower your insurance premiums
  • Have evidence to counter false insurance claims
  • Save costs and increase efficiency

The cost of car tracking for your company car scheme is dependent on the size of the fleet, so please request a free and instant car tracking quotation to find out how much it costs, as well as how much we believe it could save you in the long term.


How can car tracking reduce insurance premiums?


Most of our customers have learned that once they tell their insurance providers that they are using a reliable and comprehensive tracking system, they are in a much better position to demand lower insurance premiums. There are a number of ways how car tracking reduces insurance premiums:

  • Car tracking systems protect your systems from thefts
  • Vehicle recovery system helps you recover your car sooner thereby reducing liability to the insurance provider
  • Through Unitracker car tracking system, you can ensure that your drivers exhibit safe driving behaviour, which also reduces liability posed to your insurance provider
  • How do you install the car tracking device?

In most cases, the amount you spend on acquiring a car tracking system is usually recovered through savings in insurance premiums.



Driver ID
Stops the HGV from being started when the ID Fob is not present.
Driver Behavior
Monitor all aspects of how the HGV is being driven by your employees.
Allows the HGV to be remotely disabled in the event of theft.
Motion Sensing
Alerts when the vehicle/asset is moved without the ignition key being used.
Crash Sensing
Uses G-Force to note when a crash occurs and advise the business of the situation.
Camera Integration
Any incidents are automatically stored on the tracking device.
Keep track of the location of your entire fleet of vehicles in real time.
Get notified when fleet vehicles are left idling for long periods.
Get detailed reports on all aspect of your fleet and where cost savings can be made.
Private Mileage
Track the use of business vehicles that are used out of business hours.

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