Coach & Bus Tracking

Knowing the exact location of buses and coaches is not only crucial as far as security and business cost-efficiency are concerned, but also because it provides a precise schedule and estimated time of arrival that travellers can use to plan better their commute. Accident, vehicle breakdowns, and other delays could be instantly reported so bus operators could dispatch an alternative route and alert their customers on their mobile devices.


Driver ID
Stops the vehicle from being started when the ID Fob is not present.
Driver Behavior/Performance/Style
Monitor all aspects of how the vehicle is being driven by your employees.
Allows the HGV to be remotely disabled in the event of theft.
Motion Sensing
Alerts when the vehicle/asset is moved without the ignition key being used.
Crash Sensing
Uses G-Force to note when a crash occurs and advise the business of the situation.
Camera Integration
Any incidents are automatically stored on the tracking device.
Keep track of the location of your entire fleet of vehicles in real time.
Journey Planning
Plan the best routes for your fleet to increase efficiency and save money.
Get detailed reports on all aspect of your fleet and where cost savings can be made.
Transmits data from your tracking device enabling access from anywhere in the world.
Idling & Fuel Usage
Get notified when fleet vehicles are left idling for long periods.
PTO (Power Take-Off)
Get warning when a trailer unit is unhooked from the cab unit in error/for criminal purposes.

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