Customized Reports


By accurately recording the number of hours worked by each of the members of your workforce, Unitracker solutions can present to you graphics information to give you an overview of your business and ensure compliance. It gives you greater control over your business and identifies areas where you can maximize efficiency and reduce excessive costs.


Plan with Unitracker Solutions


Unitracker software solutions provide you intelligent insights, which you can use to better plan individual projects and day-to-day operations. It helps you better allocate your resources so you are not only monitoring the location and status of your business’ equipment and vehicles but use them to their maximum potential.


Integrating Data with Process Management


Unitracker products continuously transmit data from vehicle tracking products to the software program that interprets data and presents the telematics information in the form of interactive graphics that make the data understandable and simple to use.

The nature of the construction sector is unlike most other industries where businesses have to invest significant sums to acquire equipment and assets even before they receive the full payment for a particular project. Due to this, equipment and assets belonging to the construction businesses are at risk of being stolen and misused. To keep them safe, construction businesses spend considerable sums. But with Unitracker solutions, they have a convenient and more affordable way to ensure the safety of their assets and equipment.

Most construction businesses rarely take steps to address the security issues concerning their equipment and assets due to the perception that doing so would cost a bank. This leaves their assets open to risks involving misuse, theft, neglect, and even performance failure. For such businesses and others, Unitracker offers simple, convenient, and affordable solutions that could secure your assets and keep you updated on maintenance and servicing schedule.

Most construction companies would invest in asset and equipment security systems if only they found that those asset monitoring systems could improve their business operations and ultimately profitability. Unitracker solutions are tailor-made for specifically those ends as they provide insights that can help managers make their systems more efficient and cut hundreds of man-hours by automating painstaking parts of their business.


Main Benefits


  • Cost Reduction
  • Better Profitability
  • Improved Security
  • Reduce emergency repairs
  • Better customer service
  • Elimination of asset misuse

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