Whether it is reporting systems or ensuring HMRC and green-laws compliance, Unitracker solutions offer an easy way to keep tabs on your business that can help you increase sales and better manage your staff.

Knowing that their performance is being tracked makes drivers more cautious and improves their on-road behaviour.

With live tracking, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicles are being used for the authorized tasks only. In case of an accident or engine failure, you can deal with mishaps better and remain compliant with the healthy and safety regulations.

With Driver ID, you know which driver is driving which vehicle and thus gives you a better understanding of who is over speeding or misusing your vehicles. You can even find out if one of your drivers is using company resources for private purposes.

With reminders set for license expiry dates, you can stay updated and receive alerts to ensure the licensing of driving plates.

With our workflow solution, your staff can arrive at a job location in time knowing exactly what tasks are required of them. It ensures that your staff knows what is required of them thus preventing misunderstanding that cost your business a bank.

Unitracker solutions offer an affordable option for businesses to carry out sales tasks and build stronger relationships with the customers, which are pre-requisite for higher revenue and increased profitability.

The automation of tasks like recording vehicle history and logging numbers of hours worked frees up time for your sales staff to focus on the more important tasks.

In place of the traditional paper time sheets, you get interactive charts that show:

  • Historical location data for each of your vehicles
  • Current location of each of your vehicles
  • The routes taken and trips made
  • Time spent on-site
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