Courier & Delivery


Businesses serving in the courier and delivery sector have been few of the biggest beneficiaries of Unitracker’s products and solutions. We have helped many fleet managers in the courier and delivery sector manage their fleets effectively regardless of the number of vehicles they operate.


Vehicle Tracking


Following are only some of the ways your courier or delivery business can benefit from Unitracker’s products and solutions:

  • Real-time Location: The easy-to-use platform Unitracker offers allows fleet managers and operators to monitor and manage their vehicles in real-time. For businesses that need to stay on top of delivery times of consumers’ consignments, this feature is particularly useful as it offers them and their customers the peace of mind.
  • Estimated time of arrival: When you know the live location of your vehicles, you can accurately predict the estimated times of arrival of your various trucks and vehicles. This helps provide accurate delivery times to your customers, making this feature one of the few determining factors whether they will use your services again.
  • Automation: The core aim of Unitracker solutions is to automate the painstaking tasks to free up as many man hours as possible so you and your staff have more time to focus on tasks that matter the most. Things like tachograph downloads and estimate of fuel costs are presented to you automatically via our software.
  • Receive speeding alerts: For any business that manages multiple vehicles, it is crucial that their drivers adhere to the best driving practices to ensure their safety and safety of other road users. This does not only reduce the potential liability to your business but also ensures that your vehicles retain their value.


How Vehicle Tracking Benefits Courier and Delivery Sector


Unitracker products and solutions can help you in a number of ways to not only reduce the unnecessary costs but also identify areas where you can improve efficiency. In the long run, it can save you thousands of dollars, which can make all the difference for small businesses.

  • Lower your fuel costs
  • Respond better to disputes concerning times of arrival
  • Improve driver behaviour
  • Provide better customer service
  • Better route planning
  • Theft protection and asset recovery solutions

Unitracker is committed to providing the solutions the courier and delivery sector needs to ensure smooth operations with no disruptions. Businesses in this sector work around the clock. Whether it is unloading the cargo and loading trucks with consignments to be delivered, courier and delivery businesses want to keep their wheel moving. A few hours worth of disruption could substantially impact their operations and one dissatisfied customer is all that is required to harm their reputation. That is why Unitracker engineers can install tracking devices within minutes. We don’t require that you bring your operations to a halt to install the devices. Our engineers and technicians can be sent to a location of your choice where they can install the devices at your convenience without requiring you to park the vehicle for hours.

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