Emergency Services


Quicker response to incidents


Unitracker helps you get full control over your vehicles and assets. You can dispatch rights jobs to the right person and send me real-time updates and allow them to put in information as they perform their jobs. Automating painstaking tasks just takes a few clicks to set up thus freeing up hours every day so you have time to focus on the important bits. Having the right persons doing the right tasks improves your efficiency so that you can run a more profitable business.

Protecting the first responders


Maintain communication with your first responders to receive live updates from the job location and be better prepared in case they need reinforcement or any help from your end. Our GPS trackers and solutions help first responders reach the job location through faster and more efficient routes. For first responders, this could make all the difference for those in need of emergency services.

Maintain a record of your activities


Unitracker solutions help you maintain records of times first responders take to respond to particular jobs. Having such an extensive data ensures that you are able to prove your activities at any particular job location.

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