Fuel Card Integration

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Reduce Fuel Wastage
Unitracker’s intelligent routing saves you from spending hours on manual route planning. In certain cases, our solutions can increase fleet efficiencies by as much as 25%
Accurate Costs Data
Get real costs analysis by using fuel cards and receive reports based on per gallon mileage of every vehicle in your fleet
Personlised Reports
Unitracker generates reports with your company colours and logo to make it truly personalised so you can share it with your drivers and company management
Secure Platform
Choose the most secure fuel card system to ensure that your data is protected and is visible only to the people you choose
Fuel Data Trends
Using our fuel card integration service, the fleet manager can spot emerging trends to take necessary steps
Customised Alerts
Fleet managers can set up personalised parameters to receive alerts and be notified every time a vehicle in their fleet breaches it
Personalised Dashboard
Fleet managers can a personalised dashboard that displays all of the relevant and most important information about their fleets
Daily Processing
Transactions completed through fuel cards are processed on a daily basis to keep fleet managers updated

Why use fuel card integration?


Managing a fleet is a complex business just the way it is and as a result, fleet managers are quickly turning to market solutions to automate some of the most painstaking and time-consuming processes of their operations.

Fuel cards are gaining ground in the industry as a means to control and manage the fuel purchasing of a fleet. It helps fleet managers control the money fleet managers spend on the fuel as well as identify incidents of fuel fraud.

Fuel cards offer a range of solutions to fleet managers such as:

  • Apply time-of-day restrictions to fuel purchases
  • Restrict fuel purchases to a set number of transactions
  • Allocate different fuel restrictions to every user
  • Manage Fuel Costs

Your drivers can make fuel purchases at a partner gas station using their fuel card, which works just like a credit card so there is no special training required for your drivers.

Fleet managers have the option to be notified in the cases of overfills and in incidents when fuel was purchased without the assigned vehicle being at the purchase location. Fleet managers also receive alerts when the amount of fuel purchases exceeds the capacity of the fuel tank of the assigned vehicle.

If the drivers purchase fuel with their assigned fuel cards but without having their assigned vehicles at the location, fleet managers are notified so they can investigate further. These are only some of the ways Unitracker’s fuel card integration subscription helps fleet managers detect instances of fraud and mismanagement.


Why integrate fuel cards?


Keep a record of your fuel card purchases to understand the fuel usage of your fleet and to spot instances of fuel fraud and wastage by asking the following options:

  • Where was the vehicle physically when the fuel was purchased at the gas station?
  • Was the amount of fuel purchased exceeded the maximum capacity of the vehicle fuel tank?
  • Did the driver purchase anything besides the fuel?


Fuel card usage:

Receive summaries on your fleet’s fuel efficiency and fuel consumption periodically including insights on data such as:

  • How often do your drivers fill up?
  • What are your fuel costs by vehicles?
  • Are your vehicle efficiency standards as high as it should be?