Healthcare Services


Evidence of care provided


Unitracker solutions record the time taken to reach a particular job location and the time it spent on that location. You can view locations of all your staff at any given time starting from when you first receive a job alert till they arrive at the job location. By having the right system to get job locations quickly, you can improve efficiency and provide better health care services.


Lower overheads


Reduce your overheads by lowering the number of phone calls required, miles travelled and time spent administering certain tasks. Unitracker’s vehicle tracking system and real-time communication between the driver and the manager helps you stay updated on the status of a job and location of your staff. Through our software, you can receive detailed reports about their jobs to respond better to expense claims.


Provide better care


Unitracker keeps a record of the time spent with patients as well as the time they spend on breaks. Such an extensive system helps you plan better and improve efficiency.

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