Inventure FMS Gateway

With ever-increasing fuel costs and stringent green laws mandating businesses to maintain the good condition of their vehicles, fleet management systems have become ever so important. Inventure FMS Gateway provides fleet managers with a convenient and cost-effective way to pull pertinent data out of vehicle system for analysis and review.

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Through collected data, fleet managers can better estimate their future running costs and identify inefficiencies to save money. The data gathered can also help you work out which of your drivers could pose a liability. By taking appropriate steps, you can reduce the financial risks posed to your business and safety risks to other road users.
Inventure FMS Gateway is a good option for fleets with low budgets as it gathers the vital data that fleet managers need to effectively manage their fleets. It can help fleet managers identify instances of fuel theft to eliminate them, reduce expenses and run greener fleets.

What can you do with it?

  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Stop fuel theft
  • Identify risky driving habits
  • Plan maintenance ahead of time
  • Reduce fuel costs