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Unitracker is open to doing business with the local authorities serving across the United Kingdom. Our fleet management system has the features that local authorities can rely on and make good use of in the extensive services they provide to communities across the nation.

Whether it is the GPS trackers that Unitracker offers or the software program that puts everything in perspective and gives local authorities insight into in their operations and workforce management.


Features of Vehicle Tracking


There are a number of ways Unitracker can help local authorities in carrying out their day-to-day operations and managing the projects they work on.

  • Fleet Management: The fleet sizes that local authorities have to manage to provide the required services to the communities they serve usually run in hundreds of vehicles. Whether it is to monitor their units, assets, vehicles or allocating the required tasks to the appropriate personnel, Unitracker offers products and solutions that make it easy for fleet managers to effectively run their operations.
  • Monitoring driver behaviour: Unitracker products continuously transmit data, which our software interprets and records to provide interactive and pertinent insight to fleet managers. Through these insights, fleet managers can see which of their drivers are engaging in unapproved practices that could jeopardize the project or pose a liability.
  • Recording overtime: Unitracker products can help you accurately record which of your staff worked overtime and how long. Due to the high accuracy of our products’ reading, you don’t have to micromanage the overtime records of your workforce.
  • Asset recovery: If the unfortunate situation ever arises when your vehicle has been stolen, Unitracker solutions ensure that it can be easily and quickly recovered. Our trackers are discreetly installed and keep transmitting data even when the vehicle has been stolen so you can use the telematics data to find out the location of the stolen asset or vehicle.


How can vehicle tracking benefit local authorities?


We install our vehicle tracking devices at a place and time of your choice so you don’t have to ground your vehicles just to get the GPS tracking devices fitted on your vehicles. Some of the benefits that vehicle tracking can offer to local authorities are as follows:

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Better driving behaviour
  • Better route planning
  • Automated timesheets
  • Lower engine carbon emissions
  • Fewer engine maintenance required

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