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Fleets that have to manage a large number of deliveries and field service operations, Logistics can help them streamline their tasks. It helps them plan every step of their tasks to ensure that jobs are handled correctly. It reduces overall operational costs and increases fleet and staff efficiency. Logistics is mainly used by businesses in the delivery and transportation sector. Since they have hundreds of jobs to delegate every day, Logistics helps them break each of them down for easy management. It automates the most painstaking tasks leaving fleet managers with more time to focus on the important bits.

By freeing up managerial and staff time, Logistics reduces the man-hours required to perform a specific task. This has the effect of reducing overall operational costs leaving businesses with more money in their pocket. They can use this money to hire more staff or invest in company resources to take on even bigger jobs. As a method of convenience, Logistics is a reliable partner for businesses looking to expand.

Selecting the most effective routes ensures that you are able to deliver the services to your customers for the lowest costs. Through Google Maps, Logistics app recommends to you the most efficient routes to travel to the job destination. It helps you avoid busy roads so your drivers can arrive at the delivery location or the job location sooner. Just by avoiding roads with a lot of traffic, your business can potentially save thousands of pounds in fuel costs alone. You don’t need to hire outside experts to find areas to cut costs. Logistics does it all for you by streamlining your processes. It makes Logistics a must-have application for fleets of all sizes serving across the economic spectrum.

Import Orders
Logistics lets you add orders directly to the application without manually putting in all the nitty gritty details. You can either use a CSV file to import orders into the Logistics or an XLSX file
Easily integrate your Logistics application with most ERP, CRM or other third party software solutions. Logistics application supports API integration for importing orders and job routes
Route Planning
After you have imported the orders, selected the vehicle, Logistics applications uses a complex algorithm to suggest the most efficient routes based on traffics data and fuel savings targets
Live Chat
Logistics app lets you stay in touch with your drivers. Whether you need to convey instructions, find out job progress or anything else, you can use it to communicate with your drivers

Main Features of Logistics



  • Ideal for low-budget Delivery and Logistics Businesses

Delivery businesses and companies with mobile staff can benefit greatly from using the Logistics application. They can assign jobs to the staff already closest to the job location. It helps them avoid inefficiencies and focus on reducing their job response times. This automatically leads to higher customer satisfaction, which is a top driver of repeat business. All of it benefits your revenue immensely with an ever-expanding customer base.


  • Take on more jobs

Logistics application makes it easier for you to take on more jobs without putting a strain on your workforce. The money saved from fuel costs and other inefficiencies can be invested back into the company to build a stronger infrastructure or hire new staff. Logistics accelerates this expansion giving fleets of all natures an incentive to adopt and use the application.


  • No Installation Required

Logistics can be accessed through a web-browser. It does not require you to install any software on your local machine so there is no risk of malware or other viruses. Unitracker uses EV SSL certificates to encrypt your connections. It ensures that no one is able to snoop through your traffic or see what you have been doing on the Logistics web-application.


  • SmartPhone Application

Along with the web-version of Logistics, we also offer smartphone applications that fleet managers and drivers can use on the go. On the drivers’ side, Logistics smartphone application can receive job updates, communicate with the manager, allow drivers to post delivery receipt and even reach out to the dispatcher if they encounter problems at the delivery location.

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