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Low Power Consumption
Option to add External Antenna
IP65 Waterproof Protection
Temperature & Humidity Sensor
2 Embedded Light Sensor
Lasts long in standby mode



UT688R is a an ideal tracking product for businesses in the logistics and transportation sectors. Depending on the task required, it has multiple functioning modes that make it suitable for a variety of the most common tasks in the logistics and transportation sectors. UT688R is capable of working in the harshest of conditions and can inform the manager when the environment gets too uncomfortable. UT688R can monitor the environment it is working under through its’ built in temperature and humidity sensor.

Unitracker’s Tracking Platform


Unitracker offers state-of-the-art GPS tracking platform that fleet managers can use to track their vehicles in real-time regardless of the device they are using. We offer smartphone applications for iOS devices, Androids as well as a web portal that anyone with a web browser can log into to.

No matter where you are in the world, all you need is a web browser and access to the Internet to view, locate and manage your vehicles in real-time. We do not require that you download a software package so there are no technical issues on your end such as having a conflicting Firewall setting or having adequate system requirements. As long as you have web access, you can log into Unitracker’s web portal to manage your fleet regardless of its’ size and scope. On top of this, you can look up historical reports pertaining to your fleet be they custom reports, start and stop times as well as the routes your vehicle travelled. Logged events are also safely stored in our server so you can pull up past data when you have to analyse the past data to make future projections. To learn how to make the best use of our tracking platform, read our user’s manual or reach out to us.

Fleet managers have the option to create different login combinations with custom access so they can provide limited access to their subordinates and workers. It helps deliver job requirements to individual workers, which makes your operations more efficient. With remote monitoring of things like the battery state, towing and the status of the tracker inputs and outputs, you can be in full control of your fleet.

No Installation Required
Optional Magnet Mounting
Unitracker's UT688R doesn't need to be hardwired into your vehicle. Just use the magnetic mounting to install the tracker and you are all set.
Water Resistant
Workable in moist environment
Being resistant to water and splashes, UT688R can work in the harsh requirements where trackers and the units they are connected to encounter moisture
Rechargeable Internal Battery
Li-Polymer, 15000 mAh
UT688R doesn't need an external power source. It packs a built-in rechargeable internal battery that can provide lasting times up to 190 days
Schedule Reports
Timing Reports
UT688R provides schedule timing reports helping fleet managers better understand the use of their vehicles and units. It provides start stop times and much more
Monitor Temperature and Humidity
Temperature/Humidity Sensor
UT688R comes with a built-in temperature and humidity sensor to adequately record its' environment and provide fleet managers with reporting
Geo Fences
With motion sensing
On top of providing the facility to set manual geo-fences, UT688R also gives fleet managers the ability to be notified whenever a vehicle is moved or towed



  • Low Power Consumption
  • Lasts longer on battery in standby mode
  • Option to add an external antenna
  • IP65 compliant waterproof tracking device
  • Dual-tasked single temperature and humidity sensor
  • 2 embedded light sensors

Product Specifications


Dimensions74 x 34.5 x 151 mm
Weight375 Grams
Operating Temperature-20°C to 60°C
Storage Temperature-30°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity1% to 99% Rh
Input Voltage Range10 – 30 V
Back-up batteryLi-Polymer 3.7 V 170mAh
GNSSu-blox All-in-One GPS receiver
 AccelerometerInternal 3-axis accelerometer
 LED IndicatorGSM, GPS, PWR (battery status)
Water ResistanceIP65 Compliant
 GPRSGPRS multi-slot class 10
Transmit ProtocolTCP, UDP, SMS
GSM AntennaInternal only
 GPS Antenna2 built-in GPS antennas

What’s in the box?


When you order UT688R from Unitracker, you get the following in the box:

  • UT688R Tracker
  • User’s manual

Custom Reporting


Unitracker’s tracking platform offers you a custom reporting system that generates reports based on the metrics of your choice within the timeframe of your choice. UT688R integrates seamlessly with our tracking platform giving you instant access to one of the best tracking platforms in the market today. With these custom reports, you can better analyse your business operations to make accurate future projections and plan accordingly. You have the choice to receive these reports via email automatically or download them in the format of your choice manually.

With our intelligent platform, you get graphics data that lays out exactly what you need to focus on and gives you data that can help you reduce your operational costs and make your operations more efficient helping your bottom line in the process.

Image module
Image module

Subscription Services


To cater to the requirements and needs of our customers, Unitracker offers flexible payment options. Our customers have the option to select between an outright contract or pay as you go options to get access to some of the best tools in the industry.

Our team of engineers stands ready to provide all the support you need whether it pertains to finding a good spot under your car to magnetically connect the UT688R or to link it to our tracking platform to begin receiving insights and location information. Unitracker does not charge any hidden fees or require you to sign lengthy contracts although affordable options are always available to our customers if they so wish.

Universal Tracking Platform


Unitracker’s tracking platform provides a user’s manual and how-to information right on the platform to help our users in familiarising themselves to get the best out of our tracking platform. We roll in periodic updates to cater better to the engineering solutions that our customers need. Whether you are an individual user, a business or a big corporation, our universal tracking platform has everything to offer regardless of the size of your operations.

On top of providing you with secure access to the location data of your vehicles, the vehicle data you store on our servers are fully encrypted so even we cannot view it without your authorisation, which makes Unitracker’s tracking platform one of the safest and securest to use.

Image module
Image module

Intelligent Tracking


The easy-to-use intelligent tracking system we provide has user manuals and all necessary guides within our platform so our customers can use our tracking platform to good use. The core of Unitracker’s tracking platform is to give you easy access to a simple-to-use secure platform that gives you full control over your fleet. Our tracking platform allows you to customize how your vehicles show up on your screen so you can designate them icons, symbols and titles of your choice. This helps you make our tracking platform yours. You can design it as per your company’s colour scheme to give it a personal touch that reflects your business’ personality, character and values.

Use Right out of the box


UT688R is a compact sized tracker that doesn’t require any hardwire installations making it a ready to use tracker right out of the box. Whether you have a car, HGV, van, bus or a motorbike, UT688R can work with any type of vehicle and start providing you with crucial data right out of the box. All it requires a magnetic connection and you are all set to receive the best UT688R has to offer.

UT688R can even work with plant units, equipment and machinery as it only needs to create a magnetic bond and you are set. With a long-lasting internal Li-Polymer battery that can go without an external power source for up to 190 days, it is an ideal tracker to use in a variety of applications. On top of this, being water resistant makes it functional in high moisture environments.

Image module
Image module

Log Your Trips


Unitracker’s tracking platform stores your location data securely in the cloud so you can view it anytime regardless of the device you are using. None of this data is stored locally on your computer besides cookies and other website data, which means you can use virtually any device with the Internet access to view and manage your fleet as well as gain insights into the use of your vehicles to identify areas where efficiency could be improved and costs reduced.

Our tracking platform also records business and private mileage separately so you have the data available when you file for tax credits. This eases the burden on your accountants and makes your HMRC more accurate while providing you with the data files to ensure compliance and fight any claims of misreporting.

Key Features

Real-Time Tracking

Locate, view and manage your vehicle from any device no matter where you are in the world.

Log Trips

View the trips taken and routes travelled by any vehicle on any day in a number of prior months.

Object List

View, access, download or edit the summaries of all your trackers over a given time period.

Log Events

View the alarm and event alerts with precise time and location of the incident any time


Receive alerts on a device of your choice every time a vehicle breaches your set parameters


Find our the real-time location and addresses of any of your vehicles with just a click

Push Notifications

Receive push notifications via our app every time a vehicle breaches your pre-set parameters


An interactive dashboard that gives you all the crucial information you need at a glance

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