Unitracker GPS Asset Tracking System lets you secure your business and its’ assets by offering you a system to monitor and manage your business equipment and assets in real-time from remote locations regardless of how far away you are from them. Unitracker’s tracking devices are wired to your assets and equipment that track their location and status remotely. The range of equipment and assets that Unitracker devices can be fitted to are virtually limitless in their scope from plant equipment to freight to tractors and even to trailers. Our solutions help businesses secure their valuable assets and equipment so they can have the peace of mind to focus on the important bits.

Asset Tracking
Stay informed about the location of your assets and equipment
Historical Data
Access to historical location data
Option to receive alerts when an asset exits a geofence
Live Reporting
Keep tabs on odometer and engine running hours

Be More Productive

Job Dispatching:

With Unitracker tracking platform, job dispatches are more efficient as it lets you select a driver closest to a job destination to ensure every job is sent to the right person.

Unitracker solutions help you identify the best routes for each of your pending jobs based on the location of your drivers and job location.

Monitor Fleet Activity:

Keeping tabs on each of your drivers and vehicles ensures better managing of a company’s resources. It reduces idling times of the drivers, prevents inefficient job dispatching, stops drivers from taking longer routes and overall, it saves you time and resources thus improving your business’ bottom line.

GPS fleet tracking increases communication between managers and drivers.

Better communication between managers and drivers leads to cooperation and reduces wastage and instances of misunderstandings.

Fleet Managers can also monitor the drivers’ route, to see if they are taking the most economical route. Instead of just charting a course from point A to point B, drivers and managers are able to navigate a particularly difficult route or troublesome area more efficiently with GPS tracking.

It’s not just a matter of recommending a route from point A to point B, as the managers and drivers stay in constant touch with one another, they can navigate better and route more efficiently through busy and troublesome areas.

When unforeseen events happen and roads are shut down or if the traffic is worse than usual, managers can suggest alternative routes to their drivers and help them reach their destinations in time.

More efficient routing and effective driver management significantly reduce wastage both of fuel and employees’ work hours, which leads to healthier lines of revenue by making each component of your business more efficient. In the face of these ever-growing benefits, fleet management businesses are running out of excuses not to invest in fleet management systems.

Save Fuel Costs

One of the things that Unitracker solutions give you insight in is the fuel consumption by each of your vehicles and drivers. It takes various factors into account such as idling times to give you a more accurate picture of your fuel costs. By using Unitracker solutions to identify vehicles and drivers that are wasting a significant amount of fuel, you can better schedule maintenance of your vehicles to ensure their fuel-efficiency as well as provide better guidance and job gaining to drivers who waste fuel a lot.

Prevent Fuel Wastage by Preventing Over Speeding

Practices such as speeding that contribute heavily to fuel wastage can be easily identified through alerts sent to the managers and the drivers themselves every time they go over a preset speed limit.

Reducing High Reviving

One of the ways fleet vehicles waste fuel is through reviving. By keeping the rate of reviving relatively low, you can save a huge amount of fuel over time and thereby reduce costs to your business.

Through Unitracker solutions, drivers and managers can receive instant alerts to let the drivers know every time they rev an engine too high.

Unauthorized Usage:

Through Unitracker GPS Tracking System, you can ensure that your vehicles are being used for the intended task only. You cannot only check the current status of your vehicle but also look up the historical location and trip data to make sure that there were no instances of unauthorized use of any of your vehicles. With such a system in place, you can foster a company culture of accountability that rewards loyalty and good driving ethics.

Improve Routing:

Unitracker Tracking Solutions allow you to lookup past trips of each of your vehicles to evaluate whether the routes taken by specific drivers were the best ones and if they can take better routes next time they have to drive to that job destination. Not only that, but it also helps you identify drivers who drive too slowly and in the end have to over speed to make up for the time lost. With such a system, you can incentivize the driving patterns that are the most conducive to your business goals.

Fuel Card Reporting:

Many fleet managers use fuel cards to help control and manage fuel costs. Fuel Card integration with a GPS fleet tracking system will give you complete visibility over your fuel spend.

You will get precise fueling information for your overall fleet, as well as individual fuel usage of a specific vehicle. You can easily pinpoint any fuel wasting practices or outright fuel theft.

Vehicle Maintenance:

It is vital that your vehicles undergo regular maintenance to meet the highest efficiency standards. Not only does it help your vehicles remain in good condition and save you fuel costs but also helps you stay compliant with environmental laws.

Through Unitracker system, managers can receive in-system alerts, emails, and texts for every time a particular vehicle is due for maintenance. This is based on scheduling, engine condition and miles travelled.

Having a system that keeps you informed on vehicle maintenance ensures that your vehicles function the way they are supposed to without on-road failures that result in vehicle breakdowns and accidents. Unitracker system can keep your vehicle efficiency high, protect your assets, and ensure the safety of your drivers and other road users thus reducing the risk posed to their lives and liability to your business.

Apart from alerts about vehicle maintenance, Unitracker solutions can also keep you updated on any instances of engine malfunctioning and failure so you can address a problem before it leads to a calamity.

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