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Unitracker integrates Maxoptra, a route optimization solution, into its’ online tracking platform to give fleet managers full control over their staff and resources. Maxoptra streamlines the job dispatching process leaving fleet managers the time to focus on the important bits. Whether it is staying in touch with the clients or processing incoming live data to make quick decisions, Maxoptra gives fleet managers the tools they need to run an efficient fleet.

Assigning specific jobs to engineers is as easy as using drag and drop. Maxoptra doesn’t require you to have the technical knowledge or any coding skills. The route optimization program takes care of everything in the background and makes changes in real-time as you use the drag and drop feature. As you are making the changes, Maxoptra calculates the expected time it would take for your drivers to arrive at the job location. It helps you view the effect of your changes in real-time so you can make better-informed decisions. Once you have assigned specific jobs, Maxoptra suggests the most efficient routes for your drivers to arrive at the job locations.

Reduce Fuel Wastage
Unitracker’s intelligent routing saves you from spending hours on manual route planning. In certain cases, our solutions can increase fleet efficiencies by as much as 25%
Operations Planning
With optimized routes, interactive charts and graphics information about your operations, Unitracker equips you with the right tools to succeed and achieve more with lower costs
Job Dispatch
Knowing where each of your drivers is and having job locations pop up on your screen make it easier to allocate the right job to the right person thus reducing your fuel usage
Take Control of Your Operations
Track performance and driver habits of each of your drivers even while they are on the road. Take immediate action upon receiving alerts when your drivers breach pre-set parameters

Main Features of Maxoptra



  • Customer Communication

Send automated updates to your customers as your drivers deliver their products. With Maxoptra, you can have your customers receive their delivery progress via SMS or emails with accurate delivery times. In this age where customer satisfaction is at the heart of business success, having the right tools can help you storm ahead of your competitors.


  • Proof of Delivery

With Maxoptra, you can offer ePOD services to your customers and your workforce. Rather than having a backlog of paperwork stored in your offices, with Maxoptra, you can use ePOD services and take your customers’ signatures on mobile devices. Not only that, but Maxoptra also lets you store photos and enter comments so a job file stays updated.


  • Custom Slot Booking

Offering customers the facility to select their delivery times can make all the difference in today’s market. As our lives grow busier, staying back to receive a package is becoming more arduous. Using Maxoptra, you can let your customers pick their own delivery times for the delivery. Not only does it satisfy your customers but also help you save costs since your drivers don’t have to make repeat trips.


  • Green Fleets

To help the UK meet its’ targets to curb greenhouse gas emissions, the government is taking stern measures. Naturally, businesses that rely on large fleets have to find ways to cope with regulatory changes. Maxoptra supports the green fleet initiative. As a part of its’ larger aim to help fleets cut operational costs, Maxoptra helps you not only run more efficient fleets but also greener fleets.


  • Seamless Integration

Maxoptra integrates very easily with most of the popular CRM, ERP, SOP, and WMS solutions. This means that fleet managers don’t have to run between two separate platforms to manage their operations. They can integrate Maxoptra with their own workflow solutions through an API and carry out their operations as usual while it all works in the background.


  • Dynamic Route Optimisation

With dynamic route optimisation, delivery and logistics businesses have an efficient to make deliveries and arrive at job locations on time. Dynamic route optimisation helps them find the most efficient and quickest routes to get to their destinations. Maxoptra takes a wide range of factors into account to suggest the most convenient route to the destination.

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