Passenger Transport


Ensure regulatory compliance

Use the real-time data that Unitracker products provide to keep track of the hours that your drivers worked. Get better record of the driving times that each of your drivers has left so you can better allocate your human resource. You can download tachograph information directly without having the physical access to the vehicles in your fleet. Unitracker solutions help you record and analyse your activities to ensure regulatory compliance. This information can then be used to keep tabs on how your drivers are treating company vehicles and make sure that other road users are safe on the road.


Fewer delays for passengers


Unitracker solutions can help you reduce the delays in your services. Through our solutions, you can keep the passengers notified on the times of departure and arrivals so they can plan their trips accordingly without throwing their schedules off. You can help your drivers navigate through less busy routes so they can reach their job locations sooner.


Improved Driver Behaviour


Unitracker’s products help drivers remain efficient and drive safely without getting lost in the specifics of the devices installed. Through real-time diagnostic information, fleet managers can help drivers navigate better and dispatch jobs when a particular vehicle within a fleet breaks down. This makes for better management of a business’ resources.



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