Plant & Machinery Tracking

Protecting the company assets that the fleet transports is just as important as safeguarding the fleet itself. Machinery such as tractors and diggers are in some instances more likely to be to be stolen than the trucks that transport them. Unitracker provides solutions that help set up a geo offence that would alert the control centre every time a piece of machinery breaches it. In the event of theft, the control centre also has the option to shut down the engine remotely while tracker will continue transmitting location info on backup batteries.


Driver ID
Stops the HGV from being started when the ID Fob is not present.
Crash Sensing
Uses G-Force to note when a crash occurs and advise the business of the situation.
Allows the HGV to be remotely disabled in the event of theft.
Motion Sensing
Alerts when the vehicle/asset is moved without the ignition key being used.
Journey Planning
Plan the best routes for your fleet to increase efficiency and save money.
Camera Integration
Any incidents are automatically stored on the tracking device.
Put a boundary around the asset which activates when the asset is moved.
Transmits data from your tracking device enabling access from anywhere in the world.

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