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All the products that Unitracker offers could be summed up in the following categories. From vehicle trackers to camera solutions to workforce management platform for businesses that operate large and small fleets, Unitracker is your one-stop-shop to take care of all your vehicle tracking requirements. We provide customisation when you are building your tracker and camera packages so you  only pay for the products you need.

UTR447 GPS Tracker

Vehicle Trackers

Increase your fleet efficiency and reduce job response times. With vehicle-specific trackers, you can lookup and select trackers based on their installation method, accessories or the applications supported. From simple Plug and Play trackers to hardwired trackers, Unitracker covers most common applications for fleet managers and car owners.

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Improve drivers’ performance and fight effectively against false claims. On top of lowering your liability, camera solutions provide great insights into the driving behaviour of your drivers. Using this data, you can identify drivers that need better job training so you can prevent a catastrophe from happening.

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Route Optimisation

Allocate resources efficiently and optimise your fleet operations. Whether it is reducing your job response rate or ensuring that you can assign jobs to the drivers closest to the job location, with Unitracker’s route optimisation services, you can ensure that you eliminate wastage and utilise your human resource efficiently.

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WorkFlow Solutions

Manage your workforce remotely and get crucial business insights. Unitracker’s WorkFlow solution is designed with the fleet tracking industry in mind. The parameters we use to analyse employees’ performance is done by analysing the most impactful employee metrics so the fleet managers only get the data that helps them.

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Fuel Card Integration

Get accurate estimation of your fuel costs and counter fuel theft. As fuel costs make up one of the most significant portions of a fleet’s costs, it is important to keep them in check and under control. With volatile fuel prices, fleet managers should make use of technology to analyse their fuel usage trends.

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