Refrigerated Transport


Unitracker provides a range of products and solutions that are catered to transport cargo that requires a certain temperature be set.


Monitor and Record Temperature in Real-Time


Using our products and solutions, you can monitor the temperature reading of your cargo at any time and have this data saved for future viewing in case there are any claims or disputes about the shipment. This lets you deliver certain products such as food and medicine that need to be stored at a particular temperature.


Better Supply Planning


Unitracker streamlines not only on-the-road behaviour of your employees but they also give your in-house staff certain avenues to collaborate and correspond more efficiently. Depending on the arrival and departure time as well as the nature of the cargo being transported, you can plan the journey and the routes more efficiently to ensure that the items are delivered in time. For food items and medicine, this can make all the difference, as they have to arrive fresh. Offering the facility to monitor temperature and ensure on-time delivery give your customers the incentive to choose you over your competitors.


State-of-the-art Navigation


Unitracker offers a network of roads through a map specially curated for trucks, vans, and HGVs. Such an intelligent map along with the insights Unitracker provides to avoid busy roads help your drivers navigate more easily to reach their destination in time. The routes our solutions offer are both more economical and ensure safe and on-time deliveries.


View Historical Temperature Data


Not only does the Unitracker allow you to monitor the temperature in real-time, fleet managers, operators, and customers can view historical temperature data to resolve conflicts and effectively plan future shipments. On top of that, we offer the facility to alert the driver if the pre-set temperature values of certain items are exceeded.


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