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Unitracker’s state-of-the-art technology and the simple-to-use software platform it offers make it one of the best providers of telematics solutions in the industry. Businesses that rent and lease vehicles inevitably need vehicle trackers to not only monitor their real-time locations but also to take prompt action if they suspect that their vehicles have been stolen. No matter the size of your rental and leasing business, we have the packages available that cater to businesses of all sizes.


Vehicle tracking features


Due to the wide range of benefits they offer, our products and solutions are ideal for rental and leasing businesses. Our engineers can install the vehicle trackers discreetly so they are not visible to anyone in case they ever decide to pull them out of the vehicle.

  • Locating the Vehicles: Our trackers let rental and leasing companies track the exact location of their vehicles with just a few clicks. It allows them to monitor their vehicles and assets in real-time and track their usage from a single portal.
  • Installing Trackers: Unitracker engineers and technicians can install the trackers in your fleet at a time and place of your choosing so as to ensure that your vehicles don’t stay off the road for too long. The installation of our vehicle trackers takes only a few minutes.
  • Monitoring Drive Behaviour: Unitracker solutions reduce the liability posed to your business by giving you detailed reports into the driving behaviour of your drivers. Fleet managers and the operators have the facility even to receive alerts every time a driver of theirs goes over the speed limit.
  • Mileage usage: With our solutions, you can keep tabs on the number of miles each of your vehicles have travelled so, in case of a dispute, you have the record to present as evidence and thereby protecting your business against false claims and accusations.
  • Boundary alerts: Unitracker offers features like geo-fencing through which you receive an alert if a vehicle from your fleet exits a geographical boundary. This comes in handy especially when applied to areas where your insurance invalidates.


How can vehicle tracking benefit rental and leasing companies?


Not only do the Unitracker products and solutions offer fleet managers and operators a convenient way to manage their fleet but it also gives them the peace of mind knowing that their vehicles are being used for authorized purposes only. A few of the many benefits our solutions can bring to your business are as follows:

  • Better driver safety
  • Receive alerts about vehicle maintenance
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Retain the value of your vehicles

Rental and leasing companies operate in a very competitive sector. How their business performs during any given month depends on a range of economic indicators such as whether or not people have enough money and the job security to take vacations and whether their local authorities have preserved or improved various tourist attractions.

Most of these factors that have a substantial impact on their revenues are beyond their control. Unitracker aims to help rental and leasing companies retain as much of control over their operations as possible. To this end, we have products, solutions, and packages available that have been specifically designed to help businesses in the rental and leasing sector.

On top of having control of your fleet, Unitracker also provides crucial insight into a number of aspects of your rental and leasing business so you can identify areas where you can make improvements and save costs. Rather than just provide hardware products, Unitracker can offer you the most advanced telematics solutions and a personal business analyser that presents to you easy-to-understand graphical information.

Despite the attractiveness of a car or a boat rental business, it is not without its’ risk. The most important asset in a rental business is the asset that is being lent so it is vital that you take steps to reduce the risks posed to them as much as possible.

Rental companies always need a system with which they can monitor their assets in case of theft, misappropriation or even an accident. There is no better solution than a GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

All rental businesses need a mechanism through which they can stay updated on the location and the status of their vehicle. Furthermore, in case of a theft or an accident, they need a system that can aid in vehicle recovery and provide evidence to their insurance company to protect itself against false claims.

Monitoring the location of your vehicle when it exits the authorized area can help prevent a theft attempt and help the law enforcement in recovering a lost vehicle. While in case of an accident, you can use the crash and other relevant data to substantiate your case to your insurance company. This helps protect your business against potential liabilities that could drive you out of business.

Despite the growing benefits of using a management system to monitor the location and status of rented vehicles, many businesses still choose to operate without them. This underestimation of the risk posed to their business could be fatal as just one false claim could put them in financial jeopardy.

It’s not that most rental businesses willingly shun fleet management systems, it is just that most solutions in the market are unaffordable. Unitracker’s sector-specific solutions are catered to the businesses that work in a particular sector. To this end, Unitracker solutions are affordable so any business can start reaping the benefits in no time.

Benefits to your business:


Some of the benefits Unitracker solutions can bring to your business include:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Better Profitability
  • Safety and Security of Assets and Vehicles
  • Reduction in Emergency Repairs
  • Prevention of Unauthorized Use of Business Resources

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