Route Optimisation

Why can Route Optimisation do for you?


Lower Operational Costs

According to some studies, Britons lose billions of dollars in revenue while sitting in traffic. In the case of fleet operations, this makes up a disproportional amount of operational costs so naturally is one area where managers look to reduce costs. For businesses that want to expand, ever-crowded routes can become a problem as an increase in job response times can make it harder to win repeat business. As a market solutions provider, Unitracker offers route optimization services that help fleet managers and drivers navigate through busy areas. Through circumvention of traffic jams, drivers can get to the job locations sooner thus reducing their response times as well as fuel usage and wastage. This helps reduce carbon emissions as well as ensuring compliance with the green laws.


Savings across the fleet

For a single unit, the number of miles saved could amount to the factor hundred over a given month. Any business that has to operate dozens of vehicles knows the value of every mile travelled. Extending savings of hundreds of miles to a dozen vehicle could easily better the bottom line of any business. Moreover, the drop in your business’ response times will make it more likely that your customers would engage in repeat business with you.


Intelligent Route Optimisation

On top just providing the route optimization services, Unitracker’s intelligent solutions also match a particular job’s location to the fleet vehicle that is physically closest to it. This automates the pain-staking task of sticking to the computer screen to dispatch jobs manually although our solutions do afford fleet managers to do it manually.

What does Unitracker offer?


Depending on your needs and budget, Unitracker offers a two-tiered route optimisation solution:


Maxoptra is a route optimisation software solution that uses a unique and thorough algorithm to help you plan routes.

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Logistics is an app that we offer to cover the basic functions of a route optimisation software to help fleets of any sizes.

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