SmartWitness is a leading provider of camera and video solutions for fleet systems around the world. Unitracker is proud to be reseller of their top of the line camera systems and multi-channel digital vehicle recorders.

Following the traffic rules and driving carefully do not guarantee that you will never find yourself in an on-road dispute. You might be a careful driver but not everyone is. It increases the likelihood of you getting into an accident. As is the common practice, you would need to defend yourself if the other person unfairly puts the onus on you. If successful, false accusations and insurance claims can cost you and your business a lot of money.

Unfortunately, once someone finds himself in that position, only then do they wish they had a camera system installed. Not only do cameras record your driving habits but they also provide you with irrefutable evidence when you need to fight your case.

Therefore, in an ideal scenario, you should get a camera system before you or one of your drivers get into an accident. It’s a small investment that does not only offer you the peace of mind but also saves you huge amounts of money over a period of time. Thus these camera systems pay for their costs many times over.

SmartWitness provides some of the best camera solutions available in the market today. Unitracker lets you design your own SmartWitness packages based on your needs and budget. Rather than sell rigid packages, Unitracker gives you the ability to choose only the devices that you need. SmartWitness camera systems fulfil a range of tasks so you don’t only get the video recording side of telematics but many other features as well.

If you need guidance about which camera solution to purchase or require more information, get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist. If you need to implement a camera solution in a special application, Unitracker can help you set up the right packages. Whether it’s your budget, needs or the nature of your application, Unitracker can help you find the camera solution that is right for you.

On top of camera solutions, we also offer security features built into the camera systems. With things like SD card protection and vandal-proof cameras, we help ensure that the camera systems you purchase are safe from all kinds of external threats that exist.



  • Lower accident frequency
  • Better driving habits
  • Better fuel savings
  • Strong defence against false claims
  • Built-in security features
  • Quick resolution of insurance claims
  • Lower insurance premiums

Featured Products

CP2 (128GB)

CP2 1080P Camera

CP2 is a dashcam from SmartWitness that records HD videos in 1080P. It comes with three storage sizes (32Gb, 64Gb and 128GB). On top of its’ own HD lens, it allows you to add 1 additional HD camera. It does not have a built-in panic button but we offer it as an accessory alongside LCD monitor screen.

Image module

CP4 4-Channel DVR

CP4 is a digital video recorder (DVR) from SmartWitness. With 4-channels, it lets you add up to 4 cameras. 3 of its’ 4-channels support HD video recording. On the remaining spot, you can only have an SD camera. In 4-camera packages, rear camera is offered as an SD one while all others are HD.

Image module

CRX 8-Channel DVR

Unlike the 4-channel DVR, CRX offers HD recording on all of its’ 8-channels making it the best available digital video recorder for a range of applications. It gives you the option to not only choose the storage size but type as well. For fast data processing, we offer SSD storage devices.


For the solutions we offer and the services we provide, our prices are the most reasonable. You will not find Unitracker solutions for better price anywhere else except at Unitracker.

When comparing different quotes, you should ask the following questions:

  • 1
    Are they constantly adding new features?
    Most companies offer platforms that were built years ago on old platforms. Unitracker solutions encompass all the latest technology to which new features are periodically added.
  • 2
    Is your personal information and company data secure?
    Unitracker takes your data very seriously, which is why we use encrypting to preserve it and will never sell it to a third party like many other companies do.
  • 3
    Do they offer one-time packages?
    Most companies try to lock you into a lengthy contract to trap you into being customer. Unitracker has a number of one-time services available for those who want to try out our services.
  • 4
    Do they offer technical support?
    Unitracker works with you to fully immerse your staff with the functions and features of our solutions and products so you can get the most out of it.

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