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For businesses that provide transport and logistics services across the country, it is a challenge to effectively operate and manage their fleet. Through Unitracker solutions, they can easily take control of their fleet and handle their day-to-day operations more easily and with lesser effort. To accommodate things like communication with the driver, Unitracker offers a two-way communication system through which managers can easily pass instructions on to their drivers.


Vehicle tracking features


Unitracker engineers can install the required vehicle trackers at a time and location of your choosing so you don’t have to ground your operations to get the best available products in the market installed on your fleet. Some of the key benefits that our products entail are:

  • Managing multiple drivers: Through our products and solutions, businesses in the logistics and transport sector can easily manage and monitor their vehicles with minimal effort. On top of the telematics solutions we provide, managers and operators can also receive in-depth reports about their vehicle through our intelligent software program.
  • Business & private mileage switch: A number of businesses in the logistics and transport sector allow their drivers to take their vehicles home when they finish work. For compliance and tax credits, it is vital that you record business miles separately from private mileage. For this problem, Unitracker offers a solution using which drivers can easily switch between business and private mileage so that our system records them separately.
  • Monitoring service level agreements: Unitracker trackers work on all types of vehicles whether they are cars, vans, trucks, or even certain assets and equipment. The data Unitracker provides to fleet managers and operators prove to be helpful when resolving conflicts and disputes with their customers and clients.


How Vehicle Tracking Can Benefit Transport & Logistics Companies


Having an effective vehicle tracking system in place can help businesses become more productive and efficient as it helps expose costly practices such as engine idling. Out of the numerous benefits that Unitracker solutions offer, here are a few:

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Better road safety
  • Prompt verification of timesheets
  • More effective route planning
  • Increased driver productivity
  • Lower insurance premium payments


Transport and Logistics


A Complete Set of Tools


Unitracker Tachograph Management Solution is heaven-sent for fleet managers and operators who need a reliable system in place to ensure compliance. With our solution, you get vital insights into your drivers’ driving behaviour and your vehicles using which you can better analyse their performances. Out of the innumerable benefits that Unitracker’s Tachograph Management Solution offers, here are a few:

  • Avoid fine and penalties by monitoring and recording all pertinent data
  • Free up administrative hours through remote Tachograph downloads
  • Easy inspection and viewing with access to a single repository


Add Value to your Analysis Provider


Unitracker solutions make it easy for you to integrate the downloaded Tachograph data with a third party that serves you like your analysis provider. You can either have it done automatically or do it manually so you are only sharing the Tachograph data they need rather than the whole thing.

  • Control over how your Tachograph data is accessed
  • Information about which of your vehicles have you extracted Tachograph data from
  • Keep things smooth by keeping your current analysis provide


Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability


Unitracker gives you control over everything related to your business. It offers a single system through which you can monitor, analyse, and track your vehicles and your employees as well as their performances. With added features like navigation assistance, you can even route your drivers through shorter routes to save on fuel costs and cut down the time required to reach a job location thus increasing your business’ efficiency.

  • Streamline the decision-making process with vital information at your fingertips
  • Offer better route planning to your drivers to reach a job location sooner
  • Yield accurate ETAs through traffic monitoring and effective route planning


Better Road Safety


Unitracker makes it easy for fleet managers and operators to receive crucial insights into their drivers’ on-the-road behaviour so they can nip the evil in the bud if they see one of their drivers driving rashly or endangering his or other road users’ safety. It can make for better drivers’ training programs and incentivizing good driving behaviour.

  • Reduce the liability posed to your business by lowering the likelihood of an accident
  • Incentivizes good driving behaviour through effective monitoring
  • Lower repair costs as your vehicles need fewer repairs


Integrate your systems


Unitracker offers system integrators a way to build effective system connections and powerful solutions. Such an effective infrastructure allows for improved route planning and better scheduling systems.


For businesses in the transportation industry, we have specially catered solutions that make the vehicle and non-vehicle supply chain more efficient by increasing their productivity.


It is crucial for transportation businesses to know the exact location and status their vehicles not only for managing purposes but also to inform the customers about expected arrival time for the freights carrying their delivery.

Keeping tabs on vehicles using Unitracker solutions lets the managers locate their valuable assets, dispatch jobs to the appropriate personnel and improve the overall system-efficiency and ensure better customer device.

Unitracker fleet management solutions keep up informed about arrival times of each of your vehicles, the distances they have travelled, routes taken, trips made, and insight into driver fatigue. You can even set up alerts about maintenance of your vehicles and servicing of your assets.

Despite the enormous benefits fleet management systems bring to businesses in the transportation sector, many managers still run their operations in traditional ways and are thus letting opportunities pass by.


Benefits to your business:


Unitracker solutions can benefit your transportation business by:

  • Increasing profitability
  • Reducing costs of operation
  • Providing better security
  • Cutting down the size of your fleet
  • Offering insights for better planning and management
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

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