As economic uncertainty looms, it is ever so important for businesses to hit and maintain high levels of quality. The focus has to be on attaining high levels of customer satisfaction and to this end, Unitracker solutions provide business managers with the tools and they need to manage their employees and to equip them with the option to dispatch rights jobs to the right people depending on their set of skills and current location.

It is impractical to assume that business managers can micromanage all aspects of their business and yet have time left to focus on the most important bits. Unitracker solutions automate the time-consuming tasks and free up man-hours so you and your employees have the time to focus on the aspects of your business that matter the most. Unitracker is committed to not only being the provider of industry-leading products but also to offering solutions that streamline the micromanagement of business.


Vehicle tracking features


Unitracker is the leading provider of telematics solutions in the industry. We offer easy-to-install vehicle trackers that work discreetly from your vehicles to provide you real-time location information and insights into your business operations through our intelligent software system. Some of the benefits that Unitracker’s vehicle tracking system can bring to your business include:

  • Proof of work: Our tracking devices constantly transmit data to track, monitor, and record every movement in your business. This extensive record that is presented in a simple form through our software solutions can be used as the proof of work and timesheet for each of your employees.
  • Driver job dispatch: Knowing where each of your drivers is in real-time can make it incredibly easy to allocate nearest jobs to them so they don’t have to cover miles and miles to get to the job location. This increases your business’ efficiency and shortens the amount of time your customers have to wait to receive services.
  • Tracking jobs: Our intelligent solutions make note of each event as your employees’ progress through a job giving you insight into the status of a particular job. Using employee activity data, you can better identify the areas of your business where productivity can be increased and costs reduced.


How can vehicle tracking benefit utilities companies?


There are only two ways businesses can increase their profitability. They can either increase the number of customers that they serve or they can lower the costs that go into running their business. Unitracker helps you do both. By adding value to the services you offer, Unitracker increases the livelihood of repeat business. And by helping you identify areas for efficiency improvement, Unitracker helps you lower your costs. The benefits that vehicle tracking can bring to utilities companies include:

  • ETAs for better customer service
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Improved road safety
  • Quick verification of timesheets
  • Better route planning
  • An effective job dispatch system
  • Vehicle and asset management alert system

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