Vehicle Tracking


Unitracker has helped many a business across a number of sectors reduce labour and fuel costs while providing managers with comprehensive insights into their staff and fleet operations. Rather than just showing dots on the maps showing vehicle locations, we help businesses learn how to use our workflow solution to its’ fullest extent so they can get the most out of it. With our powerful solutions, they can transition onto running smooth business operations and cut down on running costs.

Unitracker’s vehicle trackers are not just locating vehicles on a map. The interconnected fleet system helps all staff members stay updated on a job progress, eliminates misunderstandings and helps them be more productive. One effective way of doing this is to automate vital but time-consuming tasks such as form fill outs, invoice dispatches, and ensuring readily available customer data when dealing with clients. All this within an easy-to-use web portal means you and your staff don’t have to waste valuable minutes trying to navigate a complex website.

Tracker Categories


Browse the range of hardwired trackers we offer and the accessories that go with them and create your own packages.

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Plug & Play

Simply plug into your vehicle any one of the Plug & Play trackers we offer for any personal and business applications.

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With extra batteries and peli cases, Unitracker offers portable vehicle trackers for a range of applications.

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