Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking


Regardless of the nature of your business, its’ size, revenue or workforce, if you have vehicles to manage, effective fleet management is all you need to receive the benefits you seek.

By ensuring that your employees are not mishandling your vehicles and receiving crucial insights into their usage of the vehicles, you set them and yourself to achieve greater efficiency.

It is a fallacy to assume that small inaccuracies do not have a lasting and a big enough impact on your business. Over a period of time, they add up and soon become too big to ignore eating away at your profits until your business can go on no longer. Through Unitracker’s fleet management system, you have a simple-to-use and a creative platform to manage your vehicles.

HGV Tracking

Whether you manage a single lorry or a fleet of HGVs with hundreds of units, Unitracker’s truck and lorry vehicle trackers can help you effectively manage and track your fleet.


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Car Tracking

Car tracking is a multi-industry that pertains to recording, transmitting and analysing driver and vehicle data in real-time to reduce vehicle costs and increase road safety.


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Plant Tracking

Protecting the company assets that the fleet transports is just as important as safeguarding the fleet itself. Unitracker helps you monitor your plants to ensure their safety.


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Motorbike Tracking

Unitracker uses leading technology that could give accurate location information even when the motorbike is parked underground or locked inside a moving van.


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Coach/Bus Tracking

Knowing the exact location of buses and coaches is crucial not just for security but also because it provides a precise schedule and ETAs that travellers can rely on.


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Van Tracking

Unitracker uses the state-of-the-art tracking technology that does not only help you monitor your van fleet but also provide visual data to better understand your business.


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Vehicle Management Platform


Unitracker vehicle management platform helps you gain oversight over your vehicles to track and control them in real-time with no effort on your end. Installing vehicle trackers on every vehicle in your fleet helps your company resources perform to the highest level.

Unitracker offers one of the leading GPS trackers that drivers and managers alike can use easily and without painstaking training sessions. Unitracker’s GPS trackers help them navigate to their destinations using the best and most convenient route, cut fuel costs and increase efficiency. Through our asset tracking software, you can reduce the time required to carry out administration and even automate things like handling communication and reporting.

When you have every company resource working to its’ highest standards, responding to customers and providing high-quality services becomes easier. On top of that, it helps you identify areas that are costing your business the most money to cut costs in order to increase efficiency.

These small cuts, in the long run, add up and can make all the difference to your bottom line. Our customers report at least a 15% increase in their efficiency rates after using our fleet tracking system.


Improve Driver Efficiency


For any business that manages vehicles, it is ever so important to not only maintain a good driving standard among the drivers but also improve it. Through Unitracker’s round the clock monitoring system, you can view the driver behaviour in real-time and receive alerts every time they go over the speed limit or employ harsh breaking. You can even ensure that your drivers are travelling through only the most efficient routes and are not costing you money through wasteful practices like idling. For drivers that lose their way to a job destination, the fleet manager can help them navigate to the location.


Vehicle Tracking Lowers Costs


With the above-mentioned services and features as well as intelligent reports and telematics data, you can easily identify the unnecessary costs to cut in order to make your business more efficient. The solutions Unitracker offers lower costs such as fuel costs and suggest efficient routes to make quick and cost-saving journeys. Switching between private and business mileage cannot be easier as it requires only taps of your driver ID to switch between one and the other.


More Time for Fleet Managers


The intelligent system that Unitracker offers is the one that is truly simple-to-use and provides in-depth data that fleet managers can use to analyse their operations. You will see graphics information for things like fuel usage and driver behaviour so that you know exactly which areas to focus on to improve your business’ efficiency. Automating certain processes will free up your time to focus on the important bits of your business.


Improve Customer Satisfaction


When you run a business that is efficient and delivers added value to your customers, it leads to a cultural reformation at your company and has a positive impact on your operations. When your customers see their deliveries arriving faster, they will likely hire you again and again in the future thus ensuring that you retain your clients. With savings through cuts in fuel costs, you have ample revenue left over to use in order to provide relief to your customers so they can purchase even more of your services.


Recovering Stolen Assets


Unitracker solutions substantially increase the chances of recovering your stolen assets in case of thefts if ever such a situation arrives. You can locate, immobilize, and recover your assets sooner without disrupting your normal services. It has an added benefit of reducing your insurance premiums thus saving you a lot of money and bringing you the peace of mind.


Advantages of Asset Tracking


Our fleet asset tracking offers a range of benefits to businesses that need a simple-to-use yet high-featured fleet asset tracking system. Go over the list below to find out only some of the benefits you would have upon implementing Unitracker solutions:

  • Job dispatch to the nearest employee or driver
  • Immediate customer billing
  • Save time required for administration
  • Efficient Routing
  • Reducing the number of unnecessary journeys
  • Verification of timesheets
  • Monitoring Driving Speeds
  • Accurate ETAs
  • Helping lost drivers navigate


FAQs about Vehicle Tracking


We understand how much time and hard work it takes to manage a whole fleet of company vehicles. No matter how much experience you have or the size of vehicles in your business, it is a tough job. As leading fleet management solutions providers, we know the industry inside out and through our experience and insight, we have developed a system that delivers what is required to cuts down the trivialities. To help you run smoother operations, we constantly seek feedback from our customers to better curate our services in order to help them face ever-increasing challenges that entail the fleet management businesses.


What do you mean by fleet management?


As its’ name implies, fleet management pertains to the management of a fleet of vehicles. It doesn’t matter how big or small a fleet is, any system that manages multiple vehicles could be referred to as a fleet management system. Whether it is company cars that you manage or a transportation business that uses buses, coaches, or vans, it all falls under fleet management. A fleet management system is a system or a platform that is used to effectively monitor and manage the vehicles that make up the fleet.


What do you mean by fleet tracking?


Fleet tracking means a solution or a platform on offer that makes it easy for fleet managers to monitor and track all the vehicles that make up their fleet. It doesn’t matter what is the vehicle type or the size of a fleet, fleet tracking is about monitoring and in some instances controlling or managing vehicles within a fleet.


Why should a company have a fleet tracking system?


There is more than one reason why it is absolutely crucial that businesses use fleet tracking systems. Some of them are as follows:

  • Using the location data to let the customers know about the expected delivery time of their consignment and delivery
  • Complying with the road safety laws and enforcing the sternest policies on your drivers to ensure that they exhibit only the best driving behaviour
  • Staying updated and receiving alerts when your drivers breach the speed limit or engage in rash driving behaviour
  • Manage the driving behaviour of the drivers to ensure that they are complying with government regulations as well as company policies to ensure their safety and the safety of other road users
  • Unitracker fleet tracking system can help drivers avoid congested areas and navigate through routes with low traffic


Why use Unitracker fleet management software?


Unitracker’s products and solutions are always undergoing changes, updates, and improvements so you can rest assured that we are tracking all new trends as well as keeping an eye on new challenges emanating from the use of technology in the market. Our engineers and specialists are always working diligently to improve the scope and quality of our services so that fleet managers can benefit greatly through our products and solutions.

It is not just about having the right products and the fleet management and tracking software, we have a desire to provide the best possible services and experience to fleet managers that show faith in us by buying our products and services. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible customer services to our customers. We do not only keep them updated on what is going on at Unitracker but also share crucial industry insights that help them operate in a more efficient way.


Can I save money through Unitracker fleet management tracking system?


Unitracker products and solutions are all about helping businesses and fleet managers save money whether it is through winning new business through efficient use of your resources or identifying areas to cut unnecessary costs. By collecting and using the data, you can view graphical information that can help you better analyse your operations and business costs.


Is fleet management tracking expensive?


Compared to the heaps of benefits it delivers, the cost of fleet management tracking systems is negligible. The costs and estimates thereof we provide are based on an individual case as we take into account things like size of a fleet etc. To receive a cost estimate, get in touch with us.


How are vehicle trackers installed in a fleet?


Unitracker professionals will install a tracking device in every vehicle of your fleet at a time and place most convenient for you. The process of installation doesn’t take very long and the devices can be installed in a hidden spot so they cannot be easily detached from the vehicles.


Driver ID
Stops the HGV from being started when the ID Fob is not present.
Driver Behavior
Monitor all aspects of how the HGV is being driven by your employees.
Temperature Sensing
Monitor the temperature of refrigerated vehicles and be warned of any problems.
Motion Sensing
Alerts when the vehicle/asset is moved without the ignition key being used.
Crash Sensing
Uses G-Force to note when a crash occurs and advise the business of the situation.
Allows the HGV to be remotely disabled in the event of theft.
Keep track of the location of your entire fleet of vehicles in real time.
Journey Planning
Plan the best routes for your fleet to increase efficiency and save money.
Camera Integration
Any incidents are automatically stored on the tracking device.
Transmits data from your tracking device enabling access from anywhere in the world.
Get notified when fleet vehicles are left idling for long periods.
Get detailed reports on all aspect of your fleet and where cost savings can be made.
Private Mileage
Track the use of business vehicle that are used out of business hours.

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