Workflow Solution

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Unitracker’s tracking solution is part of a comprehensive workflow solution that does not only let you locate your vehicles, lookup their historical trips and other relevant data but also provides you with a platform to remotely manage your workforce from your office. It automates time-consuming parts of your business thereby freeing up your and your staff’s schedules so you can focus on the important aspects of your business.

Our solutions incorporate two-way communication so your drivers can stay in touch with you and your managers in real-time whether it is to comment on a particular job or work out a quicker and more efficient route to a job destination.

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Business Insights

Unitracker’s tracking and workflow solutions record data from your vehicles, mechanics, drivers, and the manager’s office to compile reports with interactive charts presenting crucial insight into your business that you can use to make your business operations more efficient and reduce operational costs.

Ease of operations

Our solutions are specifically designed to smoothen your day-to-day operations while cutting costs overall to ultimately increase profitability. It frees up your time by automating time-consuming tasks so you and your staff can focus more on the important bits.

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